Touch-Free Carwash

The Ceccato Touch Free is new to the international market and embodies the latest technology in touch free vehicle washing. The shape and profile of each vehicle is “measured” electronically. The on-board computer uses this information in each stage of the wash cycle. The wash arches then carefully follow the vehicle profile at a constant speed and distance from the surface during each segment of the wash process. This process creates exceptional versatility allowing almost any shaped vehicle to be successfully washed including utes.

Its great looks and incredibly technology with attract customers to your business and its unbeatable wash quality will keep them.

An attractive feature of the Ceccato Touch-Free is its compact dimensions. Many self-service car wash operators make the decision to include an automatic car wash in one of their bays. This decision is often made retrospectively, when their business has reached capacity.

The Ceccato Touch-Free is one of the few machines on the market that can be retro-fitted into an existing wash bay. The addition of a Touch-Free to a self-serve car wash business results in higher potential wash volumes than are possible when no machine is present.

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