Bulk Purchase Spill Absorbant

H2GO Spill Absorbent is a non-toxic, all natural, 100% organic, lab-tested, field proven, industrial absorbent. Our spill absorbents use only organic materials, including cotton and other cellulose material and are manufactured and designed to act as rapid action absorbents.

Our sorbents have been developed using proprietary technology to maximise absorption, ease-of-use, effectiveness and product safety. None of H2Go’s spill absorbents contain hazardous or toxic materials. They are non-toxic, non-abrasive and non-carcinogenic don’t contain any hazardous materials and act as natural vapour suppressants. All our sorbents have been extensively lab-tested and comply with Australian State EPA and Worksafe environments. Our full range is lightweight, easy to store and transport and does not require the use of special clothing or equipment or sophisticated training.

H2Go absorbent effectively absorbs oils and hydrocarbons and can be used for both land and off shore applications. Our Spill absorbents come in four categories:

  • Pads – Use to rapidly absorb larger spills. Commonly used to capture small leaks from machinery, pumps and hoses.
  • Pillows – Place under slow leaks and drips for workplace safety. Commonly used under machinery to contain leaks and spills quickly.
  • Booms – Prevent your spill spreading. Commonly used to circle or bund leaking drums or machinery.
  • Wipes – For small spills and wiping down equipment. Commonly used to capture small leaks or spills from machinery, pumps and hoses.

$58 per 10kg bag plus GST.
Minimum order of 500kg required.

KTR-101+ Material Safety Data Sheet
Polymer G Material Safety Data Sheet

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