Phoenix Carwash

Air Plus Drying System and foam Touch Light brushes.

In mid June Ceccato announced a world wide discounted pricing offer for a model in the Phoenix range. The Phoenix is a multi-programmable machine that includes  a wheel washer, foam Touch Light brushes, and either the Air Plus patented drying system or the Contour Following Profile drying system.

Air Plus: Horizontal drying system with two blowers with oscillating asynchronous movement that moves large masses of air.

Galvanised and Painted Gantry Structure

Contour Following Profile: A horizontal drying system with two blowers connected together in order to create an "air blade" that follows the profile of the vehicle.

The Phoenix is extremely competitively priced incorporating much of the technology found in higher end gantry machines for a fraction of the price. It is particularly suited to car dealerships, car service centres, car rental companies and service stations.

Wheel Washer
Apart from the drying system the Phoenix has a fixed configuration as pictured.

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