Installation Kits for Bunding Application

For hassle-free "Do it Yourself" installation with a professional finish we’ve put together a complete installation kit for you.


  • 4 tubes of adhesive/sealant

  • 1 paint marker

  • 1 caulking gun

One installation kit contains everything you need to professionally install up to 10 meters of Best Bunding.  For lengths more than 10 meters additional installation kits will be needed.  Bunding not included. 

We supply and recommend the use of Simson ISR 70-03 Silyl Modified Polymer for the best results due its unique combination of adhesive and sealant properties.  Unlike cheaper variants ISR 70-03 can be used with minimal ground preparation and doesn't require a primer.  Click on the following to view the Technical Data Sheet, Material Safety Data Sheet and VOC Certificate for ISR 70-03. 

Product Enquiry

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