Hyperion Carwash

The Hyperion is a highly compact double gantry machine that incorporates all of Ceccato's expertise as its top of the range rollover car wash. The double gantry increases wash speed to the point where a car can be washed with all the options in under four minutes.

The Hyperion has strong visual appeal, and is unbeatable in speed, efficiency, energy consumption and image. Your customers will be delighted with the quality of their wash and your business revenue will maximised as you wash 12 to 15 cars per hour.

Cars per hour 14 to 17 cars per hour
Space required  11m
Industry Medium to high volume service stations and standalone carwashes
50+ cars per day
Standard Hyperion double gantry unit with drying system with
4 low noise blower and contour following top dryer, LED traffic lights
Options 3 pre-wash options, 6 med/high pressure options,
multiple foam / shampoo / wax / polish / rim wash options,
osmosis, underchassis wash, tri-wash, Robowash, luminous signs.


Price range $90,000 to $170,000

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