H2Go Inflatable Wash Mats 

Available for trucks (6m x 12m) and cars (3m x 6m)

A complete water containment system.

H2Go wash mats are ideal for containing water to prevent runoff into water supplies, storm drains and anywhere requiring extra precautions be taken to comply with environmental standards. They wash virtually anywhere, while protecting the environment at the same time!

H2Go inflatable wash mats feature tall 12cm edges that allow for maximum containment. These high-rise berms keep water neatly contained inside, where it can be sucked up with a vacuum or low-pressure pump. 

Manufactured from professional grade 9mm PVC (double the size and strength of competitors), H2Go wash mats are lightweight, high-strength and easy to use. They are so durable that vehicles can easily be driven over the inflatable berms, making it easy to load new vehicles onto the wash mat quickly and efficiently.

Inflatable wash mats are superior to traditional foam edged mats that easily deteriorate.  Foam edged mats are also difficult to fold, store and require brackets to support the berms, which increases setup time and reduces efficiency. 

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H2Go inflatable wash mats simply unfold and inflate for fast and easy water containment


  • 6m long x 3m wide for car size or 12m long x 6m wide for truck size
  • 12cm inflated berm edges
  • Thickness 0.9mm – the strongest and thickest on the market.
  • PVC 
  • Blue colour
  • Professional dual opening inflation and deflation valve that allows for one-way inflation and can be opened for fast deflation.
  • Professional grade [240v] electric air pump that can rapidly inflate or deflate your wash mat within 2 minutes.  You can also inflate the wash mat with other pumps, including air compressors.
  • Vehicles can easily be driven over the inflatable berm making it easy to load new vehicles onto the wash mat.
  • Nylon Carrying/Storage Bag included
  • 2 repair patches included

Directions for use:

Always make sure to place the mat in an area free of sharp objects, rocks and edges, which can puncture or damage the mat. Your mat comes pre-tested to ensure the item you receive is defect free with impeccable quality and craftsmanship.



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