Deotrash Refill

This is a refill for the Deotrash + Dispenser product.

Does your bin stink? Do you hold your nose every time you walk past your bin area? Are you concerned about bacteria that may be harvested and affect your health and your children’s? Do your neighbours or tenants complain about your smelly bins?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, your problem is now solved with the patented Deotrash bin sanitiser!

H2Go Systems is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor of the patented Deotrash bin sanitisation system. Deotrash is a device triggered by the bin lid. Each time the lid closes, the pump is activated and the product is sprayed into the container. Therefore, each time waste is thrown into the bin, it is automatically sanitised and deodorised, preventing the diffusion of harmful bacteria and eliminating unpleasant odours. 

The organic sanitiser consists of mineral salts, risk-free microorganisms, biodegradable surfactants and fragrances. Tests have shown that use of this product with the Deotrash device drastically reduces pathogenic agents normally found in waste, such as E.coli, Intestinal Enterococci, pathogenic Staphylococci, mould and yeast).

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