Wash Systems

Watertec Engineering provides a complete range of car, truck, bus, tram and train washing solutions to the vehicle washing industry in Australia. Watertec Engineering has partnered with Ceccato Wash System (Italy) for the following reasons:

  1. Value for money. Ceccato has the highest quality to price ratio of any automatic car wash equipment available in Australia.
  2. Reliability. Our automatic car wash equipment is European made with all spare parts available locally. Servicing Ceccato car washes is simple and you don't have to wait on that part from Germany or the USA. In fact, many of our customers take their servicing in-house.
  3. Design. Italian design flair and innovation results in machines that attract and impress your customers.
  4. Wash quality. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Alfa Romeo wash their cars with Ceccato before delivering them from the factory to the showroom floor.

Our auto-car washing equipment consists of both roll-over and drive-drive through systems. We sell and install both ‘friction’ (brush) automatic machines and ‘touch free’ (no brushes) automatic car wash systems. We have a large variety of car wash equipment to suit the needs of your particular industry, the size of your site, and the volume of car washing that you anticipate your car wash business will generate.

We specialise is car washing systems for car dealerships with service centres and hire car companies. If washing vehicles is an expense for your business we have highly cost effective car wash equipment that will run reliably day in day out with minimal ongoing service and maintenance expenses.

Our range of commercial vehicle washing equipment is diverse. It includes waste management wash systems, bus and coach washing equipment, light vehicle wash equipment, truck wash systems, farming vehicle wash equipment, tram and train washing solutions and heavy vehicle wash systems for military and mining applications.

Please contact us on +617 3287 1288 or via email so that we can advise you on the wash options that will best meet your specific automatic car wash equipment needs.