Spill Containment

Our spill containment products range from small oil absorbent pads to clean up spills in a workshop, through drive-over bunding to bund areas storage areas in your warehouse, to large oil absorbent kits for use on super tankers at sea.

The Environmental Standard ‘EN ISO 14001’ requires organisations to “establish and maintain procedures to identify potential for and respond to accidents and emergency situations, and for preventing and mitigating the environmental impact that may be associated with them” (Clause 4.4.7). Accordingly, best practice spill containment procedures are imperative not only from the perspective of community standards and expectations but also as a part of today’s legislative environment.

Our Spill Containment Products allow you to mitigate against, prepare for and effectively respond to any oil, chemical or general fluid spill on site, land and water; meet with EPA guidelines and legislation; and assist with ISO 14001 compliance.

Not sure what you need? Take a look at our guide on Choosing a Spill Kit.