H2Go Systems is a proudly Australian-owned with a passion for environmental compliance solutions and vehicle wash equipment.

Wash Systems

Our wash systems are customised to your particular requirements, coming in a variety of sizes and combinations to suit different applications, from car wash equipment for local workshops to truck wash equipment and heavy vehicle wash equipment for large-scale engineering and construction projects.

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Spill Containment

H2Go is a specialist manufacturer of Oil Spill Kits, Chemical Spill Kits, Oil and Chemical Absorbents and Flexible Bunding for all your spill containment needs. We provide all your spill control requirements for small to medium sized oil, chemical and general maintenance spills in your workplace.

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Waste Sanitisation

Our waste sanitation products are clean and green and deliver cost effective solutions to the waste management industry. We specialize in bin sanitation systems that offer a bio-degradable and non-toxic waste sanitation solution to the hospitality industry as well as being suited to both residential and commercial property applications. Environmental concerns drive our innovation in waste sanitation.

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Consumables, Accessories and Spare Parts

Spill Kit Consumables

To ensure continued compliance with regulation, your spill kit should be regularly checked. We also stock individual items in case you require replenishment of a few items rather than purchasing the entire kit again.

Our consumables are priced competitively and we often have specials, so please continue to come back to the site.